Rev. Pam Holt,
Regional Minister

What Can We DO?

Aug 13, 2019|Comments Off on What Can We DO?

These days are more than difficult with continued multiple mass shootings. We can hardly even take a breath before we hear, read, experience another senseless shooting in a public setting. While we are not in the midst of the tragedies, almost every time we have family or friends who are among the victims, or are serving as first responders, or live in the community and wrestling with fear and deep grief. Also, our hearts continue to be broken when we see and read about refugees and immigrants at the border and the deplorable conditions in which they are living, especially the children. Just [...]

Pentecost Offering

Jun 11, 2019|Comments Off on Pentecost Offering

Pentecost Offering supports new congregations! Also, thank you for praying for our brothers and sisters who are called to start new congregations by reaching out into the community with Christ's love. Your gifts are helping 4 congregations in Oklahoma. OKC - Simplicity Church led by Israel Hogue, MDiv PTS student OKC - The Table @ The Paramount led by Cece Jones Davis and Jonathan Martin Tulsa - Seeking The Kingdom Ministries led by Mareo Johnson Lawton - American Samoan congregation seeking to affiliate with Disciples of Christ. [...]

Lamenting With Our UMC Brothers & Sisters

Feb 28, 2019|Comments Off on Lamenting With Our UMC Brothers & Sisters

Help us, O God, to prove to our disjointed world that You are in our midst. Psalm 92.15 (Psalms Now) Many years ago, a local United Methodist Church uptown was struggling with a conflict. They tried every way they knew how to correct the situation. After following UMC protocol, members still perplexed and dissatisfied with their minister, the District Superintendent, and Bishop, they walked out. Forty families, hurt and broken, frustrated and disappointed, walked out of their “church” not knowing where they would go or what they would do as a community of faith. At first they gathered in one [...]

State of the Region 2018: A Letter from Regional Minister Rev. Pam Holt

May 17, 2018|Comments Off on State of the Region 2018: A Letter from Regional Minister Rev. Pam Holt

This year for my birthday, my husband gave me an Apple watch! A watch that does way more than tell time! I hadn’t been wearing this watch very long when an elderly friend of ours died after struggling a long time with Alzheimer's disease. She was Japanese and came to the United States via marrying a soldier serving in WWII. Her faith was Japanese Buddhist. Her daughter is a Disciple and asked if I would do her mother’s service, plus would I be able to make it a Buddhist Christian service. Sure, I replied. After some research and some prayer, I did, but not without a little anxiety. At the clo [...]