Rev. Pam Holt,
Regional Minister

Which Story Will You Choose?

Jun 18, 2020|Comments Off on Which Story Will You Choose?

Dear Friends in Ministry, Thank you for serving as a minister in the Region of Oklahoma! I am always grateful for your pastoral presence, your leadership, and your faithfulness especially in the last few months. I know you all are physically, mentally, and spiritually weary from all that you have had to do to transition to on-line worship. And yet, you are still hopeful, encouraging, and caring for your flock in amazing, creative ways. While I highly recommend some down time for rest and re-creation, I also realize this weekend is bringing another round of anxiety, especially in Tulsa. The Pr [...]

A New Season: Pentecost!

May 28, 2020|Comments Off on A New Season: Pentecost!

Acts 2:1-2 When the day of Pentecost had come, they were all together in one place.  And suddenly from heaven there came a sound like the rush of a violent wind, and it filled the entire house where they were sitting. Just imagine this scene with me for a moment.  We live in Oklahoma where if this storm were coming, David Payne would be entertaining us with warnings and the community sirens and our phones would be blaring!  We would take cover, either in a shelter or in our bathroom with helmets and pillows, and quite possibly, we would miss the miracle of Pentecost.  The miracle where God po [...]

A Message from Rev. Pam Holt: Return to Worship or Still Safer at Home?

May 5, 2020|1 Comment

Return to Worship or Still Safer at Home? Rev. Pam Holt, Regional Minister We been practicing being “safer at home” for about six weeks now.  Like you, I lament that life has changed.  We cannot be with our family or our friends to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries in ways we are accustomed. We have cancelled weddings, graduations, and vacations.  We’ve cancelled many Regional and church events. We cannot even gather in person in our sanctuaries for worship or funerals. These days of safer at home are very hard, but I want to thank you for your part in loving your neighbor and yourself i [...]

What Can We DO?

Aug 13, 2019|Comments Off on What Can We DO?

These days are more than difficult with continued multiple mass shootings. We can hardly even take a breath before we hear, read, experience another senseless shooting in a public setting. While we are not in the midst of the tragedies, almost every time we have family or friends who are among the victims, or are serving as first responders, or live in the community and wrestling with fear and deep grief. Also, our hearts continue to be broken when we see and read about refugees and immigrants at the border and the deplorable conditions in which they are living, especially the children. Just [...]