Requirements for Standing in the Christian Church in Oklahoma (Disciples of Christ)

Please see the policy document from the Commission on Clergy regarding requirements for standing.

2022 Request for Standing

Standing Applications will be reviewed at the Commission on Clergy meeting December 6, 2021 if received by the November 29, 2021 deadline.

Important: Standing forms received after the November 29, 2021 deadline will be reviewed at the January 17, 2022 Commission on Clergy meeting.

Click here to visit the standing request webpage.

Ministerial Code of Ethics

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Healthy Boundaries (Sexual Ethics Seminar)

The Healthy Boundaries seminar introduces guidelines for appropriate sexual conduct for pastors and other church leaders in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Oklahoma. The seminar also clarifies policies and procedures that govern misconduct as well as providing tools and information to deal with sexual/physical abuse.

This seminar is required of all those who seek standing in the Oklahoma region. Read the Commission on Clergy’s updated policy (3-9-15) regarding Healthy Boundaries training requirements for standing.

Check the Continuing Education schedule of events for the next scheduled seminar.

Stole Camp

Stole Camp is an overnight experience for those seeking commissioning or transferring from another faith tradition within the regions of Oklahoma and Kansas. Facilitators are from Phillips Theological Seminary and regional pastoral staff members from Oklahoma and Kansas. Check the Continuing Education schedule of events for the next scheduled seminar.

Stole Camp participants receive written information and experience many of the practical aspects of ministry. Classes include baptism (participants actually baptize other participants), weddings (liturgy and legal aspects), funerals , congregational polity, family systems, visitations (hospital, and other visitations), communications (use of media), worship, communion, administration (general, regional and local requirements), and stewardship (both corporate and personal).

The Commission on Clergy will only consider commissioning for those who have completed Stole Camp.