2020-2022 Regional Church Board Elected Officers

  • Jacqueline Bass, Moderator*
  • Rev. Michael Oberlender, Moderator Elect*
  • Anne Scott, Secretary*
  • Rev. Tom Stanley, Treasurer*
  • Gene Spillman, Personnel Chair*
  • Officer at Large, Stacy Lubbers
  • Member at Large, Bill Richert
  • Member at Large, Pastor Patrick McKenzie
  • Member at Large, Rev. Ronnie Hopkins

* Executive Committee Member

Remaining Board Positions

  • Rev. Ronnie Hopkins, Commission on Clergy
  • Rev. Colton Lott, Commission on Laity
  • Sally Wheeler & Bill Hemm, Commission on Children, Youth & Young Adults
  • Mary Beth Becker, Commission on Evangelism & New Church Starts
  • Pastor Marilynn Knott, Commission on Faith in Action
  • Rev. Joshua Bell, Commission on Worship & Spiritual Growth
  • Rev. Mary Heath, Commission on Refugee & Immigration Ministries
  • Rev. John Wheeler, NW Area Moderator
  • Rev. David Wheeler, SW Area Moderator
  • Pastor Tim Kowalski, SE Area Moderator
  • Rev. Kelley Becker, NE Area Moderator
  • Rev. Dwayne Rodgers & Rev. Daniel O’Ren, Central Area Moderators
  • Dwight Weber, Disciples Men President
  • Marilyn Bohlender, Disciples Women President
  • Phillip McIntosh & Trinity Towle, Regional Youth Council

Constitution & Bylaws

The Regional Assembly of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Oklahoma convened on July 6, 2020 and approved proposed changes to its governing Constitution & Bylaws. Click the blue button to download a copy of the approved document.

Regional Commissions

Sally Wheeler & Rev. Bill Hemm, Co-Chairs

  1. To design “faith based, faith exploring” camps and conferences, and other events for children, youth, and young adults.
  2. To select, negotiate, and schedule the use of adequate, safe facilities.
  3. To select, train, and support qualified directors.
  4. To offer training for experienced and potential counselors.
  5. To select and secure appropriate curricula.
  6. To oversee and evaluate all events for children, youth, and young adults sponsored or co­sponsored by the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Oklahoma.
  7. To secure promotional materials and publicity for all events sponsored by or related to the Commission on Children, Youth, and Young Adults Ministries.
  8. To welcome a representative, usually the President, of the Regional Church Youth Council as a full voting member of the Commission in order to coordinate programming, provide resources, and facilitate communication and participation in the mission of the Regional Church.

Rev. Ronnie Hopkins, Chair

  1. To grant or revoke standing to ministers in concert with the “Policies and Criteria of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the United States and Canada” and the “Policies and Criteria of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Oklahoma” as determined by the Regional Church.
  2. To provide help, counsel, and pastoral care in such matters as ordination and licensing.
  3. To encourage enlistment of candidates for the ministry and to be supportive of candidates in preparation for the ministry.
  4. To be concerned for such matters as continuing education, emergency financial assistance, personal and professional crises, etc., and to assist the Regional Church Pastoral Staff, as requested, in the area of pastoral care.

Mary Beth Becker, Chair

  1. To help individuals and congregations develop appropriate and successful methods of evangelism through training and program opportunities.
  2. To provide initiative and direction for Regional Church-wide evangelism efforts.
  3. Establishment of new congregations.

Pastor Marilynn Knott, Chair

  1. To take the initiative in developing new forms of ministry in mission, witness, and service.
  2. To increase sensitivity to the needs of the world and to assist individuals and congregations in identifying and serving such needs.
  3. To educate persons and congregations concerning stewardship and outreach.
  4. To cooperate, as appropriate, with similar bodies in other denominations in fulfilling the mission of the church of Jesus Christ.

Rev. Colton Lott, Chair

  1. To provide educational and training events, Christian education resourcing for congregations, and to encourage networking to share ministries and resources.
  2. To provide opportunities for development of leadership skills.
  3. To provide resources that assist in developing a responsive program structure in the congregation, including mission identification and strategic planning.
  4. A representative from Oklahoma Disciples Women and Oklahoma Disciples Men will serve on the Commission to coordinate programming, provide resources, and facilitate communication and participation in the mission of the Regional Church.

Rev. Joshua Bell, Chair

  1. To plan opportunities for the churches of the Regional Church to come together for worship and fellowship, including the Biennial Regional Church Assembly.
  2. To provide opportunities, through resources and programs, for personal and congregational growth and enrichment in the areas of worship, fellowship, and spiritual growth.
  3. To help all members of the Regional Church better understand the history, traditions, and foci of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

Rev. Mary Heath, Chair

  1. To provide learning opportunities for church leaders and congregations ways to faithfully respond to refugees and immigration issues.
  2. To provide initiative and direction for Regional efforts around refugee and immigration issues.
  3. To resource and work alongside organizations in the denomination who share this witness.