In recent months, I have been teaching about how the General Church and the Regional Church are funded. Several listening folks have responded, “I’ve been in a Disciple congregation all my life, and I have never known how the money worked.” You might be interested to know about funding the Oklahoma Region. Your stewardship matters.

Oklahoma’s Variety of Income Sources

Did you know the Region has a variety of income sources?

Disciples Mission Fund is what congregations give through their annual budgets. The Region receives 47% of what congregations send to DMF.

The Christmas and Pentecost offerings are two of the six special offerings taken in worship throughout the year. The Region receives 100% of what is offered at Christmas.

The Region receives income from those who have invested in Endowments through the Oklahoma Disciples Foundation and the Christian Church Foundation.

Rent is generated from our ministry partners with whom we share space at the Disciples Center.

The Annual Fund comes from you ~ individuals who are active and participate in Regional ministries throughout Oklahoma. Income diversity is healthy!

Below are charts showing the Region’s diverse income for its mission and ministry.

The first chart shows our progress toward the Annual Fund goal for 2017. The pie chart shows all our sources of income and their impact. The graph chart indicates our progress on budgeted income vs. actual income for 2017.

Progress Towards Our $130,000 2017 Annual Fund Goal

Our Important Sources of Income

2017 Budgeted Income vs. Actual Income