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Reconcile (def)

  1. to cause (a person) to accept or be resigned to something not desired
  2. to win over to friendliness; cause to become amicable
  3. to compose or settle
  4. to bring into agreement or harmony; make compatible or consistent
  5. to reconsecrate
  6. to restore

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2018 Retreats

Reconcile 1: Feb 24-25
$55 per person

What is an act of reconciliation?  Come to one or more reconcile events this year and discover how people choose to reconcile with one another and how our actions encourage systems to create space for reconciliation to happen.  The first Reconcile event is hosted at Crown Heights Christian Church.  This overnight event is for Chi Rho youth groups and adults from their congregation.  All reconcile events  will include games, music, service project, worship, small group discussion, and food.  And following an evening program at the Oklahoma Science Museum the group will sleep in the museum!  The Regional Youth Council plans and leads all our retreats.
Registration is OPEN.

Reconcile 2: April 14
Cost: TBA

This day event is for Chi Rho and CYF youth groups and adults from their congregation.  The site for this event will be in the Northeast Area of our Region which means somewhere in or around Tulsa.  All reconcile events will include games, music, service project, worship, small group discussion, and food.  Registration opens March 1.

Reconcile 3: April 28
Cost: TBA

This This day event is for Chi Rho and CYF youth groups and adults from their congregation in conjunction with Leadership Training School and Regional Assembly.  The event is hosted at New Covenant Christian Church in OKC.  Come celebrate being Church in Oklahoma and you might learn something along the way.

Reconcile 4: July 28
Cost: TBA

This overnight event is for CYF youth groups and adults from their congregation.  Texoma Camp will host this day event as a part of Water Weekend (July 27-29), so make a weekend of it with your youth grades 8-12.

Reconcile 5: September 15-16
Cost and Site: TBA

Reconcile 6: November 9-11
Come to Qahal/Koinonia to celebrate the year of reconciling action!  This weekend is for Chi Rho and CYF Youth groups and adults from their congregation.

Summer Camp



Camps Sponsored by the Region

June 4-8: Chi Rho Camp @ Oakridge Camp

June 18-22: Junior Camp @ Central Oklahoma Camp

June 22-24: Discovery Camp @ Central Oklahoma Camp

June 25-29: CYF Conference @ Central Oklahoma Camp

July 8-13: Heifer Camp @ Heifer Ranch in Perryville, AR

July 10-12: Grand Camp @ Camp Christian

Camps the Region Partners With

Texoma Camp
June 17-21: Chi Rho/CYF 

June 22-25: Discovery/Junior

July 27-29: Water Weekend

First Christian Church in Stillwater

July 22-27: Mission Stillwater



Camp 101

Find A Camp

Types of Camp

Outdoor Ministry is a defining characteristic of the missional ministry that the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) offers to children, youth, and adults. Often people will think of Outdoor Ministry as “summer camp” only, but our Region’s Outdoor Ministry includes weekend retreats, traditional residential week long camps and non-traditional week long camps that give children, youth, and adults of all ages the opportunity to play, pray, worship, study, and serve one another and new neighbors. Outdoor Ministry is one way we teach the language of faith, and the practice of Christianity for the Church today and tomorrow.

About the Camp Facilities

In Oklahoma there are three camp facilities that have Disciples roots dating to the early 1950’s. These facilities remain related to Christian Church in Oklahoma. Each one, Camp Christian, Texoma Christian Camp, and Central Christian Camp & Conference Center have their own governing boards that set policies, rental fees, and maintain onsite staff and programs. The Christian Church in Oklahoma has no oversight, nor financial responsibility for these facilities.  One of our Associate Regional Ministers attends the board meetings of the facilities and provides support and advice when needed. Many individual members and congregations provide their time and financial support to one of our Disciples related facilities.

What Happens at Camp?

Great question. The design of our outdoor ministry is based in small groups that provide intimate space for campers to learn how to listen and talk to others. Campers spend time each day with their small group, and within the whole community they participate in art projects, they hear and interpret bible stories, worship together, and of course there are games, singing, sports, and pool time. Chi Rho and CYF campers are also offered workshops that teach life skills.  Some recent workshops have focused on Internet safety, budgeting, photography, car maintenance, first-aid, and relationships.

Designed for children who have completed grades 2-3. This weekend camp introduces children to living in intentional Christian community.

Designed for younger youth who have completed grades 4-5 and lasts a week.
Designed for youth who have completed grades 6-8 and lasts a week.
Designed for youth who have completed grades 9-12 and lasts a week.

Designed for Grandparents and a child or youth that has completed grades k-8. This two night-three day experience will give grandparents and grandchildren the opportunity to share family stories and faith stories.

Alternating Summers: Heifer Week for Chi Rho and CYF
We send a small number of youth to the Heifer Ranch in Perryville, AR to learn about other cultures through their Global Village program.

Some years during Spring Break we offer a two-night three day trip to the Heifer Ranch for a short program in the Global Challenge.

A study trip to Washington DC and New York City designed for youth in grades 11-12. Accompanied by adults, the youth study a topic relevant to both our culture and faith while taking in the sites and sounds of these two major East Coast cities.


We publish the summer camp schedule for the upcoming year during the fall the year before. In late January each year you can download the “Camp Guidebook” from this website.  This publication will help you know how to register, what forms are needed, costs, and answer many of your questions.

The summer camp rates are set each January/February before the coming summer season. The rates cover the cost of the site fee, t-shirt, adult volunteers, insurance, lodging, meals, supplies, and program expenses. We offer a “discount rate” for those who register for camp between February and April 16 and “regular rate” for those who register for camp between April 17 and May 17.

Summer Camp dates, along with all other program ministries for children, youth, and young adults, are published on this website as well as on the CYYA Ministries Facebook page, and the CYYA Intersection.

Are you a subscriber to the CYYA Intersection? This monthly e-News will keep you up to date with opportunities, events, resources, and stories about ministry with Children, Youth, and Young Adults in our Region.

YES! Please contact Michael Davison. I’d love to talk with you about adult volunteer experiences at our camps.

A Word from the Commission with Children, Youth & Young Adults

The CYYA offers a variety of opportunities throughout the year for persons ages K-35 years old. CYYA  Ministries in Oklahoma are evolving and growing into a future that includes age appropriate experiences and events beyond the summer months for our diverse age bracket.

We need two things: adult volunteers and funding. Our summer camp directors are always seeking adults to be counselors. As our opportunities expand we will need a variety of adults with different skills to make these opportunities a reality.  The other major need is funding.

Your Gifts Make a Difference!

Your generous gifts to the Disciples Mission Fund or the Annual Fund help the Region connect congregations, but they do not underwrite the program ministries offered by the Region. DMF Funding and Annual Fund giving underwrites the operation of the Region (Disciples Center, staff salaries, benefits, and expenses, the Board and Commission work), but does not provide money for sponsoring the many events, retreats, and experiences of the program ministries offered by the Region.  Please consider a gift and support one of these experiences:

International Affairs Seminar
March 10-18
Goal $5000

Chi Rho Qahal
March 24-26

Adult Training & Sabbath Retreats

Summer Camp

CYF Koinonia
November 10-12
Goal $2000

Summer Ministry
Each young person attending a summer ministry experience helps pay for the adult volunteers for that week. This fee is added to the camper fee and is based on the number of campers who attend and the number of adults needed. Funds raised for Summer Ministry could lower the cost for everyone that attends a camp in the future no matter where it may be hosted.  Please consider a gift to support Summer Ministry and help us create funding to support this ongoing program ministry of the Region.  

Are you considering a “legacy gift” to fund a ministry in your congregation or through the Region?  The Oklahoma Disciples Foundation does this kind of work to support ministries throughout the Disciples of Christ in Oklahoma.

Make your check payable to Christian Church in Oklahoma, and note in the memo line what program ministry you are supporting.

Mail To: 301 NW 36th Street / Oklahoma City, OK, 73118. Please indicate IAS, Youth Ministry, Children’s Ministry, Young Adult Ministry, Heifer Week, or  Summer Ministry in the memo line.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!  Contact Rev. Michael Davison for more information about how you can support these missional ministries.

Visit our homepage to donate Online.
Choose “Youth Ministry” from the dropdown box.
In the “Special Instructions” box type which experience you want to support.

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