Rev. Michael Davison,
Associate Regional Minister

Advent Moments

Dec 7, 2020|0 Comments

Think back through the last couple of days.  Watch with your mind’s eye. Rewind the tape all the way back to getting out of bed. Remember . . . Your morning routine; school or work or waiting; The places you’ve been; The things you saw; The people you talked to; and then; home, dinner, what you watched or read; Your evening routine and to bed. Look back and find that moment when you experienced hope. Bring that moment to the front of your mind. Who is there? What does it sound or smell like? Stay in the moment for a few minutes. Look back and find that moment when you experienced peace. Bring [...]

Who gets to decide what is “right?”

Nov 2, 2020|Comments Off on Who gets to decide what is “right?”

Forward motion is possible if we can extend the sentence to, “That’s not what I meant, but that must be what you heard, how do we fix this? Will you help me make things right again?” [Seth Godin, "That's not what I meant." October 22, 2020] The question is, "What does 'right' mean given the situation?" Do you remember a specific part of a single day like it happened yesterday?  I don't remember much about the day my father drove me to TCU for the first time to move into the dorm.  But, I do remember this: after putting the last of my stuff into the backseat I went back into the house to say g [...]


Jul 1, 2020|Comments Off on Choices

Each day we all have choices. Some of us have more choice than others because of the randomness of birth and the systems that govern our society. What will we do with our choices?  Are your emotions driving or informing your choices?  Do you need more of Mr. Spock's logic to help you balance your choices? Yoda tells the wisdom of the cosmos: "Fear leads to anger.  Anger leads to hate.  Hate leads to suffering." We've seen this happen. We are seeing this happen. It may have happened to you. Which emotion is ordering your life right now and how does that effect how you interact with your neighbo [...]

Clean Up to Do

Jun 1, 2020|Comments Off on Clean Up to Do

"ashes and diamonds foe and friend we were all equal in the end." (Pink Floyd, The Final Cut, "Two Suns in the Sunset." 1983.) While it is true that we all pass from this life into the next equally silent and we come into this life equally crying, that is where the idealized equality of persons created in God's image begins and ends.  Try as we do to distract ourselves from this truth, we are reminded of it in plain sight, again, and again.  No matter how much TV we binge, Youtube you surf, video games played, or prayers you offer in confession or intercession, this will not just go away nor b [...]