Rev. Michael Davison,
Associate Regional Minister

Make a list. Start early.

Nov 30, 2019|0 Comments

    The Regional Youth Council invites you to join them on a journey to Bethlehem this Advent season by reading along with the Advent devotion they created.  Click here to visit the Families & Youth webpage to download a copy.       As Thanksgiving gives way to the Advent season and Christmas I imagine that, like me, you have people to whom you want to offer a word of: gratitude, encouragement, grace, or vision. Make a list.  Start early.  This time of year it seems like time speeds up and the calendar fills quickly.  Set aside a time of day, each day, to do a card [...]

Complex, Useful, Thoughtful Things

Nov 2, 2019|Comments Off on Complex, Useful, Thoughtful Things

If we only forward the easy, short and funny things we read online, why are we surprised that our inbox is filled with nothing we’ll remember tomorrow? What would happened if instead, we shared the most complex, useful and thoughtful things we discovered instead?  (Seth Godin, "Short and funny." Oct 26, 2019) One of my favorite movie quotes is, "Life moves pretty fast.  If you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it." Ferris Bueller uttered that philosophical musing in the "pager culture" long before cell phones, the Internet, and smart phones existed.  Having an answerin [...]

Listening is a skill

Sep 5, 2019|Comments Off on Listening is a skill

The heat index confirms that summer is still with us even though children, youth, teachers, and administrators have returned to school.  Family schedules are adjusting.  My neighborhood’s morning schedule has changed as commuters remind themselves to watch for kids crossing streets and waiting on the bus. The last season of my sabbatical (July 15-August 16) was filled with travel, family, continuing education, and a bit of rest.  But before that, June and July were a whirlwind of activity focused around the campers and volunteers of our summer camp program.  This year, campers and counselors l [...]

Making things better

Jul 1, 2019|Comments Off on Making things better

When has collaborating with others made something better? The Daily Question. (June 30, 2019) Outdoor ministry (summer camp / church camp) is a collaborative ministry in our Region.  No one person does it all.  This is a unique characteristic of the intentional Christian community that our brand of Christian witness offers and celebrates here in Oklahoma and in the other Regions of our little frontier movement.  There are no celebrities.  Everyone is a celebrity. Some have more responsibility than others, but all are obligated to nurture play, prayer, worship, study, and servi [...]