Rev. Michael Davison,
Associate Regional Minister

Following Jesus . . . it’s a daily journey

Apr 6, 2021|0 Comments

“What Can You Do Once You’re Vaccinated?” ( Out there, beyond Easter, is a journey through the looking glass.  It’s always been that way, even before Covid-19 restrictions, politics, science, grief, and prayers.  Out there beyond Easter, we have to apply what we’ve learned about ourselves, our communities, communal medical health, citizenship, faith, and following Jesus. The Regional Youth Council’s Lent devotional suggested that Lent is a daily journey.  And like Lent, those who claim to be an “Easter people” are involved in a daily journey.  We can try to categorize, reference, [...]

What will it be like?

Mar 1, 2021|0 Comments

"Count me in." That’s the opposite of, “count me out.” Either you seek to unite and be part of it. Or to divide and watch it go away. Whatever ‘it’ might be. We can seek to trigger those we’ve decided are our enemies, undermine the standards and burn it all down. Or we can commit to the possibility that together, we can create something that works. It’s not that hard to realize that even if we can’t always see the gunwales on the boat, we’re all in the same one. (Seth Godin, 02/28/21) How do you begin or end your day?  Some may have a soundtrack.  I do.  Sometimes, it is treadmill tunes pulli [...]

Question. Experience. Reflection. Relationship.

Feb 2, 2021|Comments Off on Question. Experience. Reflection. Relationship.

What motivates you to learn and to grow? ("The Daily Question", 1/31/21) Question. Experience. Reflection. Relationship. There was so much happening. I was trying to take in all the moments.  I spotted my family several rows up from the floor.  Chancellor Tucker was talking about what it means to be a graduate of TCU. This idea, more a paraphrase than direct quote, is all I remember. “You’ve been educated to consult many sources, to weigh the validity of the information from those sources, and to ask quality questions.” Experience can be a great teacher.  Maybe it is the bes [...]

Advent Moments

Dec 7, 2020|Comments Off on Advent Moments

Think back through the last couple of days.  Watch with your mind’s eye. Rewind the tape all the way back to getting out of bed. Remember . . . Your morning routine; school or work or waiting; The places you’ve been; The things you saw; The people you talked to; and then; home, dinner, what you watched or read; Your evening routine and to bed. Look back and find that moment when you experienced hope. Bring that moment to the front of your mind. Who is there? What does it sound or smell like? Stay in the moment for a few minutes. Look back and find that moment when you experienced peace. Bring [...]