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Pray with Mission Co-Worker Judy Chan

O Lord,

Teach us to be grateful!  How quickly we forget all good gifts are from You. We neglect to say “thank you” until we are in danger of losing them altogether.  Today, we thank you Creator God for your wisdom and grace that give us all these:

  • Air to breathe
  • The great outdoors
  • Freedom of movement
  • A body to exercise
  • The magic of touch
  • Feelings of safety
  • Neighbors
  • Meals to share
  • Places to study
  • Spaces to work
  • Worship live in the house of God

Guard us, guide us, keep us, feed us, for we have no help but thee, yet possessing every blessing if our God our guide shall be.

In Jesus’ name we pray.


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What Matters Most?

“Take your time”

It means two very different things.

When a person or a marketer takes your time, they’re stealing. Something irretrievable is gone. If your time is taken for selfish reasons, if it’s wasted, there’s no good way to get it back.

On the other hand, when you have enough confidence to take your own time, to take your time to be present, to do the work, to engage with what’s in front of you right now, it’s a gift.

This is precisely what time is for.

We’re not in a race to check off as many boxes as we possibly can before we are out of time. Instead, we have the chance to use the time to create moments that matter. Because they connect us, because they open doors, because the moments, added up, create a life.
(Seth Godin,”Take your time.” May 29, 2021.)

In a “time” when everything matters how do you determine what matters most?  I’m an old Gen X’er and a version of this question has been part of my conscious existence since the middle 1980’s when I was a college student.  The Covid-19 pandemic may have helped some of us answer the question, “when everything matters what matters most?”  Did it for you?  And yet, as people rush back to time before the pandemic I wonder what we’ve learned?  Really.

I think part of our Disciples ethos is that we value the decision making process: how and why.  Church Camp, like other camp experiences, is time away.  This intentional Christian community develops skills to help people, young and seasoned, determine what matters most and how to live into what matters most.  Those skills will develop over time as they continue to practice and participate in the journey of faith.  Church camp can be a mountain top experience, but its best work is the subtle and nuanced preparation for living through the valleys of life.  This preparation happens in small group conversations, games, hanging out during free time, in prayer, craft time and worship.

You can follow summer camp this year through the Region’s social media (Twitter @ccokdoc, Facebook – Oklahoma Disciples, and Instagram ccokdoc) as well as here at the Region’s website.  We may have a podcast episode or two as well.

Thank you for supporting Outdoor ministry (Church Camp) in your congregation and in covenant with the Christian Church in Oklahoma.

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Poor Peoples Campaign Update

Thank you for your support of the Poor Peoples Campaign. While the national PPC was started over three years ago, Oklahoma began exploring the creation of a state unit in August 2020. A small group gathered to discern interest in this venture and has since been striving toward making it a reality. The process has been like jumping on a fast train complicated by a pandemic and two major winter storms that obliterated some of our plans. We have learned many lessons and became more active in the movement, emphasizing its goals during the first 100 days of the new administration. The Poor Peoples Campaign is now moving forward with an aggressive plan for the next 500 days. That plan includes the announcement of a PPC resolution on May 24, 2021, setting forth its priorities for the next 500 days. On June 7, each participating state unit is encouraged to gather at the state capitols to share its support of the resolution. On June 20, 2021, another virtual nationwide event is scheduled to kick off our work toward attaining the vision outlined in the resolution.

We invite you to join us in work necessary to attain our goals regarding the wellbeing of all people. Please see our website at or follow our Facebook page at for updated information.

If you are interested in getting more involved, we are interested in helping you meet that goal. Our work requires many skills. We need help with digital expertise, art and music, base-building, faith support, identifying allies and partners, policy, media, and organizational skills. If one or more of these caught your eye, let me know, and I will help you find ways to share your skills as we work in oneness toward a more inclusive and loving world.

Marilynn Knott

OPPC Coordinating Committee

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Pray with Mission Co-Worker Kahala Cannon

God, we enter into your Presence with thanksgiving.  Thank you for being All Mighty God.  You are the first and the last, the living One, Redeemer, Creator, and Lord.  You alone stretched out the heavens and spread out the earth.  You are the Lord our God! We wholeheartedly put our hope and trust in you.

Thank you for hearing our cry as we lift our voice towards heaven.  We bring before you those who have faced: illness, loss of a loved one, maintaining mental and emotional health amid physical distancing and isolation, work furloughs, financial hardships, fear, and an uncertain vision for the future during this coronavirus pandemic.

Thank you for your everlasting arms that comfort us, your strength that sustains us, and your mighty hand that saves.  We hold tight to your promises because You are our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in times of trouble.  You promise to be with us and will uphold us with your righteous right hand.  You supply all of our needs according to Your riches in glory through Christ Jesus.  And you are God who heals us.

Thank you for your manifest presence and omnipresence in our lives.  We thank you and glorify you.
In Jesus name we pray.


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Community. Belief. Faith.

A mass noun is one that doesn’t take an S when we have more. “Butter” and “Information” are both uncountable in use, because when we only have only one unit of butter (or information) we use the same word as if we have four or six units. Butter is butter.

Uncountable words are understandably difficult to measure at a glance. They don’t fit easily into the industrial mindset, and we’re often pushed to find things that are less mysterious.

But it turns out that uncountable words like trust, honesty, commitment, passion, connection and quality are a fine thing to focus on.

(Seth Godin, “Uncountable.” April 29, 2021)

Community. Belief. Faith.  Are these uncountable as well?  I think so.

Our summer camp program offers children, youth, and adults the  space to encounter the uncountable.  We do that by blending play, prayer, study, service, and worship every day.

This summer we are putting the “outdoor” back in summer camp.  This will help us hear creation speak and mitigate the possible spread of the coronavirus. Campers and adults will explore some of the stories below this summer at camp.

Summer Camp could not happen without the adults that volunteer their time, life experience and faith experience.  In July, we will offer a proper thank you to all the volunteers.

The Holy One is uncountable, but we trust is encountered when we focus on following the way of Jesus.

Community. Belief. Faith.

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Summer Camp Update #5

Summer Camp Registration Closes May 6th

Don’t wait until the last minute to register!

Chi Rho Camp, CYF Conference, and Junior Camp are at 50% capacity or more.

Discovery Day Camp and Mission Camp Enid are filling up!

Our Summer Camp Season is just over a month away!  On June 6th, our volunteer counselors and directors will gather at Oakridge Camp to make final preparations for Chi Rho Camp that begins the afternoon of June 7th.  Yes, we are offering overnight summer camps this year!  Back in February, the Commission for Children, Youth, and Young Adults created Covid-19 procedures and policies that will guide our camps and with everyone’s cooperation mitigate the possible spread of Covid-19 to campers, adult volunteers, or to families when camper return home.  It will be a great, fantastic, meaning-filled return of summer camp because your camper helped create Holy ground this summer.

Overview: Covid-19 Procedures and Policies

  • Mask Required for Campers and Counselors
  • Covid-19 Rapid Test at Check-In for Camp
  • Small Groups Limited to 8 youth and 2 adults
  • Campers will be with their small group throughout the day
  • Hand Sanitizer, Physical Distance, Primarily Outdoor Activities
  • Camp Sizes Limited
  • Click here to download the latest Covid-19 Procedures & Policies

Contact Rev. Michael Davison mdavison at okdisciples dot org if you have questions.

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Easter Around the Region

Christ is Risen!

Our lives and our service are the Hallelujah Chorus of our discipleship and journey in faith.

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Following Jesus . . . it’s a daily journey

“What Can You Do Once You’re Vaccinated?” (

Out there, beyond Easter, is a journey through the looking glass.  It’s always been that way, even before Covid-19 restrictions, politics, science, grief, and prayers.  Out there beyond Easter, we have to apply what we’ve learned about ourselves, our communities, communal medical health, citizenship, faith, and following Jesus.

The Regional Youth Council’s Lent devotional suggested that Lent is a daily journey.  And like Lent, those who claim to be an “Easter people” are involved in a daily journey.  We can try to categorize, reference, and program our way into the already, but not yet, empire of God, but the Holy One isn’t easily tamed, named, or claimed.  The divine spark in you knows the whisper of God and what the Holy requires.  There is a lot of noise to silence.  It is a daily journey filled with lows, highs, and the mundane.

Sometimes Christians think of Jesus as a kind of vaccine for the human condition. Traditions and rituals during Christmas and Easter can be a booster shot for a weak spiritual immune system.

In one of my favorite scenes in the movie, “Jesus Christ Superstar,” the crowd sings:

Christ, you know I love you
Did you see, I waved
I believe in you and God
So tell me that I’m saved

Jesus, I am with you
Touch me, touch me Jesus
Jesus, I am on your side
Kiss me, kiss me Jesus(1)

How is your spiritual immune system these days?

This summer at camp, we will mix the same ingredients we have for years: play, prayer, study, worship, and service.  Will it be different?  Yes.  It always is a bit different because we are not turning out industrialized, mass-produced Christians.  That’s not the intent.  Physical distance, masks, and the small groups will probably make camp feel different, but “camp will be camp.”  Why?  Because I trust the ingredients. I trust God. I trust the spiritual immune systems of directors, counselors, and the campers who will create the sacred space we call summer camp.

Following Jesus . . . it’s a daily journey.  It is making choices about what I/we/you can do (should do) once vaccinated.

1. Andrew Lloyd Webber/Tim Rice, “Simon Zealotes from Jesus Christ Superstar” (1973) Universal Pictures Film Music.

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2021 Reconciliation Grants

2021 Reconciliation Grants

Is your congregation leading, planning, or partnering with the work of reconciliation?  Would a grant help your congregation with this ministry?  It’ is time to apply for a 2021 Reconciliation grant through the Commission for Faith and Action.

Click here to download the 2021 grant application.  All grant applications are due by April 15th.  Contact Marilynn Knott, Commission Chair, or Rev. Michael Davison if you have questions.

Grant funding is provided by the gifts of our congregations to the special Reconciliation offering each year.

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Ministry in Extraordinary Times

The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Oklahoma
Report to the General Board
Prepared by Pamela G. Holt, Regional Minister
December 21, 2020 

Continuing to Connect, Empower, and Equip Oklahoma Disciples to Love & Serve Like Jesus In a Pandemic

No one has been exempt from this unprecedented season of a pandemic.  Life began to change rapidly in mid-March and all aspects of ministry changed for clergy and congregations.  The grief, from transitioning to on-line worship and deaths, is real and deep and feels unending.  We’ve seen in clergy and congregations stages of denial, anger, tears, frustration, depression.  It is difficult to get to the healing stages of grief because we are still in the midst of such pain.

However, this pandemic has also revealed our determination and commitment and love of serving Jesus.  In mid-March, within a week, pastors and congregations figured out how to worship on-line.  Worships around the Region are so creative!  Some congregations cautiously figured out how to return to the sanctuary.  Others continue to worship on-line. Some found worshiping outdoors to be particularly meaningful.

As time marched on, ministers and members found new ways to connect with their flock. Leadership teams stepped up to do more connecting with their people.  While it is not the same and while still longing to be together, folks till have their eyes fixed on Jesus giving thanks every Sunday, taking communion virtually, and offering gifts electronically.

Oklahoma congregations have found ways to continue their ministry in the community by feeding the hungry, preparing and serving hot meals and delivering, making backpacks, making activity bags and delivering to doorsteps, hosting drive bys for a celebration of a birthday or a graduation, renovating the pre-school areas or children’s areas, providing school for struggling students, paying attention to the health care workers and chaplain colleagues, taking a special offering for their neighbors or Week of Compassion. They altered their witness and care for one another the best they could when they could not be physically present with one another, especially in sickness or in death.  Oklahoma Disciples have picked up the essentials and are still witnesses to the love and grace of God.  It is hard and challenging us at every level.  And, it is beautiful. 

Click here to download the entire report in pdf format.

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