Another way to connect, equip, and empower Disciples of Christ in Oklahoma to love and serve like Jesus.

Telling stories of ministry and life experiences.

The Region organizes through five areas: Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, Southeast, and Central. The first episodes will introduce our Area Moderators.

Some of the conversation with the Area Moderators:

Tell us about your congregation and community.

Where did you first serve in ministry?

Tell us about your call to ministry.

Beyond pandemic time, what do you think is the biggest issue the church or Christianity is facing  in the next five years?

What has your attention? What are you reading or watching?

Do you have a hobby or something you enjoy during your time off?

If you had a roundtrip ride in a time machine where would you go and why?

New – Episode 9: Rev. Gene Spillman’s Reflections on the Importance of Church Camp

Rev. Gene Spillman is a retired minister in our Region.  He has participated in the Region’s summer camp program as a counselor or director for 53 consecutive years.  This podcast was recorded at CYF Conference (June 2021) where Gene was serving as a counselor.  We talk with Gene about his earliest memories of church camp, his call to ministry, community, and his thoughts on the importance of the Region’s summer camp program.

Episode 8: Rev. Zenobia Mayo Talks About Her Family Connection to the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre

Rev. Donna Jackson co-hosts this episode.   Donna and Michael talk with Rev. Zenobia Mayo.  Zenobia’s great, great uncle, Dr. A.C. Jackson, was arguably the most famous African-American surgeon in the early 1900’s.  Zenobia talks about her great, great uncle and the family stories she knows, Greenwood and Black Wall Street, her connections to the Disciples of Christ, Jarvis Christian College, reconciliation, and what she hopes people take away from the Commemoration activities.

Episode 7: Rev. Daniel U’Ren

Western Oaks Christian Church

Meet the Central Area Co-Moderator

Episode 6: Rev. Dwayne Rodgers

Wildewood Christian Church

Meet the Central Area Co-Moderator

Episode 5: Rev. David Wheeler

Weatherford Federated Church

Meet the Southwest Area Moderator

Drops Early February

Episode 4: Rev. Mary Heath

Mary is the chair of the Region’s Commission for Refugee and Immigrant Ministries.  She shares stories about her trips and the people she has met at the southern border, and the four areas of focus for the commission.  Mary invites anyone who wants to learn more or get involved in the commission’s work to contact her at Edmond Trinity Christian Church.

Click here to download a resource list she provided.

Episode 3: Pastor Tim Kowalski

First Christian Church Sulphur

Meet the Southeast Area Moderator

Episode 2: Rev. Kelley Becker

Disciples Christian Church Bartlesville

Meet the Northeast Area Moderator

Episode 1: Rev. John Wheeler

Arnett First Christian Church

Meet the Northwest Area Moderator