Dear Oklahoma Church Family ~

A GLORIOUS good day to you!

The Regional staff is excited to present the Oklahoma Region’s new website. Our mission is to be the portal to visionary and provocative faith in action. Just as Jesus opened the way for us to see life in all its joys and tribulations through God’s eyes, we hope our leadership and this website opens the way for you to see life anew.

As you wander through each page you will see

  • congregations engaged in mission and ministry
  • ways to deepen your curiosity with educational opportunities
  • events to gather with old friends and make new ones
  • opportunities to join your passion of justice with others
  • information to explore God’s call upon your life
  • reflections to pick up the peace of God’s grace.

Perhaps you will discover a new and creative way for your church to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. Perhaps you will realize the difference that Disciples of Christ make all across our Region.

Don’t let me keep you from exploring. Use the dropdown menu. Scroll over the images. Click on the links. Each will take you to a different place! We invite you to wander all around to learn about the many pieces of Regional ministry that come together here.

Thank you for visiting! May God’s blessing continue to be upon you.

Peace & God’s grace,