When Disaster Strikes

We Care for Oklahoma Disciples

Flood-2015In 2015, spring storms pummeled hundreds of Oklahoma families with floods and tornadoes. Within hours of the storms the Week of Compassion reached out to the Oklahoma Region to offer support and comfort. Together in 2015 we have provided financial support to 12 Oklahoma families. Disasters bring hardship in many kinds of ways – emotionally, physically and spiritually. Your regional church is here for you.

If you know someone in your congregation who may need assistance, please speak to your pastor so we may be notified of the circumstances. Any of our regional pastors are available to take a call to see if we might be able help.

Local Spiritual Care Responder Training

If you are a faith community leader, prepare yourself to provide disaster spiritual care by registering for Local Spiritual Care Responder Training. The one-day workshop is sponsored by the Oklahoma Conference of Churches with Rev. Mary Gaudreau providing her expertise in disaster spiritual and emotional care ministries. (405) 315-1528

The response to this training has been overwhelming so we encourage you to register early.


We greatly appreciate your donation to us. It is much needed and will be put to good use. We have been working with FEMA and they are giving us a little money to help with repairs. They don’t give a whole lot so the money you sent is much needed. All our love in Christ, to everyone at Christian Church and Week of Compassion.
Southern Oklahoma tornado survivors
It is with deep appreciation and humility that I accept the check for Disaster Relief. I sat in my hall, heard the roar and felt the updraft as well as hearing the south windows shattering. I am an 81 year old widow living on the farm that my grandfather homesteaded in the Land Run. I, also, am a P.U. graduate and a retired public school teacher. My brother was a DOC minister for 40 years. I shall continue to pray for and support our work in the world.
81-year-old tornado survivor