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Oklahoma Disciples Men ministers to the unique needs of men in the church, enabling them to fulfill their potential as servants of God, strengthening the total ministry of the church.

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You may reach Dwight Weber, President of Oklahoma Disciples Men with questions about Oklahoma Disciples Men Programs at 405-650-1442.

Leave No Child Behind

Leave No Child Behind Logo“Leave No Child Behind” is a program of Oklahoma Disciples Men that invites us to give “over and above” our regular and mission offerings. This program helps lower the cost of summer camps and conferences for all Oklahoma Disciples youth who wish to attend.

Because we believe we have the best summer ministries programs around, we want our fees to be competitive. That’s why we invite you to “Leave No Child Behind”!

Church camp has been a life-changing experience for our youth for more than 50 years. In fact, many of our ministers have shared what a huge influence it was on their decision to become a minister.

Let’s insure that every youth who wants to go to camp will be able to afford it. Join us in making a commitment to Summer Ministries by participating in this program.

Here’s How it Works!

  1. Make a commitment! Contact your church treasurer about making a gift.
  2. Pay your commitment. Make monthly payments along with your regular or mission giving. Just be sure to earmark your gift “Leave No Child Behind.”
  3. Send your commitment to your church treasurer.

Oklahoma Disciples Men’s Leadership

President Dwight Weber, (405) 650-1442, dwightweber10@gmail.com

President Elect Wayne Nivin, (405) 818-7633, awlonnivin@aol.com

Secretary Matt Howsley, (405) 268-1779, mhowsley@windstream.net

Treasurer John Gauldin, (405) 250-0903, trdr@cox.net

Endowment Established for “No Child Left Behind” Program

Goal of $10,000 Achieved for the Million Dollar Matching Fund

Oklahoma Disciples Men worked through the Oklahoma Disciples Foundation to establish an endowment fund using the “Million Dollar Matching Fund” program of the Sam and Mary Howard Trust. Oklahoma Disciples Men propose to raise $10,000 in one year and are proud to announce they met that goal!

Leave No Child Behind LogoLeave No Child Behind (LNCB) offers scholarships for children and youth to lower the cost of participating in the Oklahoma Region’s Summer Camping Programs. The proposed endowment will be used to grow and accumulate funds for future use in the Leave No Child Behind program of Oklahoma Disciples Men.

In 2014, 248 youth were assisted at the rate of $40 per child. The goal is to be able to provide scholarships to as many children and youth as our camps can accommodate at 100% of camp cost.

For information about LNCB please contact Wayne Niven at AWLONNIVIV@AOL.com or 405-818-7633