A mass noun is one that doesn’t take an S when we have more. “Butter” and “Information” are both uncountable in use, because when we only have only one unit of butter (or information) we use the same word as if we have four or six units. Butter is butter.

Uncountable words are understandably difficult to measure at a glance. They don’t fit easily into the industrial mindset, and we’re often pushed to find things that are less mysterious.

But it turns out that uncountable words like trust, honesty, commitment, passion, connection and quality are a fine thing to focus on.

(Seth Godin, “Uncountable.” April 29, 2021)

Community. Belief. Faith.  Are these uncountable as well?  I think so.

Our summer camp program offers children, youth, and adults the  space to encounter the uncountable.  We do that by blending play, prayer, study, service, and worship every day.

This summer we are putting the “outdoor” back in summer camp.  This will help us hear creation speak and mitigate the possible spread of the coronavirus. Campers and adults will explore some of the stories below this summer at camp.

Summer Camp could not happen without the adults that volunteer their time, life experience and faith experience.  In July, we will offer a proper thank you to all the volunteers.

The Holy One is uncountable, but we trust is encountered when we focus on following the way of Jesus.

Community. Belief. Faith.