“This will change your mind.”

How often is that true? Not very.

Changing a mind is difficult work. It won’t happen with a standard intervention, and it probably requires enrollment on the part of the person you’re engaging with as well.
(Seth Godin, Jan 30, 2020)


This gospel Lectionary text for this Sunday, Feb 2, is one of those that I think is a primer for understanding the person of Jesus and what following Jesus means.


The Regional Youth Council centered on the theme, “We are the Church” for 2020.  The Beatitudes are a guide to what that can look like. It is a guide to what your youth group or congregation could be doing to be a blessing. We all, at some point during life, could add our name to the “blessed are” list.  Does one resonate with you most?

And then, there is that old phrase, “blessed out or bless out.” This means to be scolded or sternly rebuked.  Growing up, my grandmothers were known to bless out their grandchildren, yes me, from time to time.  We never think of the beatitudes as being scolded, told off, or Jesus on a rant.  A change in tone alters the blessing.  Like the subtle southern way of insulting someone, “bless your heart . . . ”

So, be a blessing Disciples?  Yes, be a blessing.