When has collaborating with others made something better?

The Daily Question. gratefulness.org (June 30, 2019)

Outdoor ministry (summer camp / church camp) is a collaborative ministry in our Region.  No one person does it all.  This is a unique characteristic of the intentional Christian community that our brand of Christian witness offers and celebrates here in Oklahoma and in the other Regions of our little frontier movement.  There are no celebrities.  Everyone is a celebrity. Some have more responsibility than others, but all are obligated to nurture play, prayer, worship, study, and service which are the foundational ingredients that are blended together each day at church camp.   It’s not easy and you have to want it even when that means putting others before oneself.  Especially, when it means putting others before oneself.

On Sunday, July 7th, youth and adults from ten of our congregations will take a mission adventure together.  They are listed next to the VW Micro Bus.  After a ten hour bus ride the group will arrive at First Christian Church in Texas City, TX.  It is from this congregation’s doorstep that our group of fifty-three (53) will be present and lend a hand in ongoing Hurricane Harvey recovery.  That recovery looks different now almost two years since Harvey blew 130 mph winds across portions of south Texas and rained down more than 40 inches of rain in four days.  One of the things that Oklahomans know is that disaster recovery takes a long, long time and it manifests in many forms.  It is the details of small things and acts of kindness that no camera will capture and no dollar amount can sustain.  So, we take your blessings and prayers (and lots of sunscreen and bug spray) with us July 7-13.  You can follow along on the Region’s Facebook page as well as our Twitter (@CCOKDOC) and Instagram (ccokdoc).

And . . . my final season of sabbatical is July 15 – August 16.  Thank you for the time away.