What is Disciples4Water?

Disciples4Water is a Christ-centered ministry that is committed to solving the water crisis, one water well at a time. Disciples4Water helps to create clean drinking water resources in remote locations in the Congo that are in critical need for clean water. First Christian Church Edmond saw a great need to help the Disciples of Christ members in the Congo develop a plan for clean drinking water, so Disciples4Water was created.

In a world where 780 million people lack access to clean drinking water, the creation of water well drilling teams consisting of local citizens brings hope, pride and a source of income to the community. By equipping these drill teams with the tools and skills they require to bring clean water to a population, Disciples4Water are doing more than just giving water to those in need.

By recognizing those education, healthcare and agriculture needs that are associated with a critical need for water, the mission teams can focus projects that solve more than just the singular water problem in an area.

Disciples4Water establishes, trains and supports local teams of water well drillers dedicated to providing clean water in the Democratic Republic of Congo. D4W also supports water-related healthcare, education and agriculture projects through direct funding and in-kind donations. Through the coordination of mission trips with church partners, D4W are able to show donors the impact of their dollars in the Congo.

If you feel led to participate or donate to this ministry, click HERE to read more.