We have helpful stewardship resources available for you. On your behalf, the Region invested in the 2020 Faithful Hopeful Loving Annual stewardship materials and resources from the Center for Faith & Giving led by Rev. Bruce Barkhauer. Every minister serving a local congregation in Oklahoma now has access to these materials and resources which you will find in the link below. Please note: Rev. Dr. Lisa Davison contributed to this material!

While shepherding your flock in these days is of utmost importance, so is the continued need for stewardship and giving. In your new role as tele-pastor (which you all have mastered!), please remember the offering on Sunday mornings via on-line giving, electronic banking, or a regular paper check! If you do not have on-line giving, like Givelify, we will be happy to help you get that app in motion.

Links to Resources by the Center for Faith & Giving

Resources for Faithful Hopeful Loving Annual Campaign