Dear Regional Church Family,

As we enter the last quarter of 2017, please remember the great Region of Oklahoma with a gift to the Annual Fund. This year your generous giving to the 2017 Annual Fund has been remarkable. The Region’s goal for 2017 is $130,000, and thus far you have given a total of $58,556 to support your Region’s ministry and mission! We are almost halfway there!

Your gifts matter because our mission and ministry to be present in all of the Region’s varied circumstances really represents YOU showing up to be a part of God’s work of healing and wholeness. A pastor dies, you are there. A pastor retires. You are there. A congregation searches for a new pastor. You are there. A new pastor is called. You are there. Camp is “happening.” You are there. A pastor is diagnosed with cancer or has surgery. You are there. A congregation returns to the fold. You are there. A student graduates and is ordained. You are there. A congregation celebrates a milestone anniversary. You are there.

Disciples are grateful for your presence and your prayers through us, the Regional Staff. This is what makes us unique. The Regional Staff can only do this work of connecting, empowering, and equipping Disciples of Christ to love and serve like Jesus with your generous support. We serve you so that you can serve God, and together, we give thanks.

Every Gift Counts

Will you help us reach our goal by the end of the year with a tax-deductible gift to the Annual Fund? Every gift counts — large or small. I invite you to be among the good and faithful Oklahoma Disciples who always give with generous hearts to be a part of God’s work in making all things new.

Blessings and peace for the seasons of Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Pam Holt Signature
Rev. Pamela G. Holt
Regional Minister

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