Radio Broadcast of Easter Services 2020

Provided by Oklahoma’s Southwest Clergy

The Clergy of Oklahoma’s Southwest Congregations are pleased to provide this pre-recorded radio broadcast of Easter Sunday Worship Service. It was produced by KBZQ Radio (99.5 FM Lawton) in coordination with Rev. Chuck Pettigrew. (Used with permission of KBZQ Radio, 99.5 FM).

Order of Worship


Introduction – Rev. Chuck Pettigrew, Liberty Heights CC, Lawton

Welcome – Regional Minister Rev. Pamela Holt

Opening Hymn – Poem/Recitation “Praise for the Pandemic”, Christine Valters Painter

Call to Worship & Invocation – Rev. Jason Williams, FCC Thomas

Hymn – “Jesus Christ is Risen Today”, King’s College Choir

Children’s Story “The Twelve Easter Eggs” – Joan Roberts, FCC Frederick

Hymn – “Risen”, Shawna Edwards & Children’s Gospel Choir

Pastoral Prayer – Pastor Jim Roberts, FCC Frederick

Hymn – “Praise to the Lord The Almighty”, Westminster Abbey Choir & Congregation


Meditation “Death and Burial” – Rev. Michael Oberlender, FCC Chickasha

Hymn – “How Great Thou Art”, Vince Gill & Joy Foster

Part 3

Meditation “Christ’s Birth & Resurrection Reflection” – Rev. Paul and Sage Appleby, FCC Lawton

Hymn – Excerpt from Resurrection Medley “Were You There?”, Willow Springs Community Church Praise Singers

Communion Devotion – Rev. Arnold Nelson, FCC Duncan

Hymn – “I Remember”, House of Peace Worship

Offering Devotional – Regional Minister Rev. Pamela Holt

Hymn – “In Christ Alone”, Steph McLeod & Celtic Praise Band

Benediction/Sending Forth – Rev. David Wheeler, Federated Church, Weatherford

Closing – Rev. Chuck Pettigrew, Liberty Heights CC, Lawton

Worship – Part 1

Worship – Part 2

Worship – Part 3