Nishan and Maria Bakalian, serving in Lebanon with the Union of Armenian Evangelical Churches in the Near East, are two of our Global Ministries co-mission workers.  In the summer of 2019, they were back in the U.S. attending Disciples summer camps sharing their stories, faith, and lives.  Our Region hosted Maria and Nishan for a week of summer camp.  Maria at Chi Rho/CYF at Texoma Camp and Nishan at CYF Camp at Central Camp.

For Christmas this year, the Region received two gifts related to Global Ministries. The first was our insurance company, the UCC Insurance Board, who made a contribution to Global Ministries in honor of the Oklahoma Region. The second was from Global Ministries who created a collection of business cards, each with a mission co-worker’s or home-based staff’s photo, name, place of service, favorite scripture, and website to read about their mission, and who also published Nothing Can Separate Us, a book of prayers written by each mission co-worker and home-based staff. As a way to connect with our siblings around the world, we will be highlighting our mission co-workers and home-based staff and joining them in prayer.

God, our rock, our refuge, our hope,

As we wander through this wilderness, doubting we will ever emerge into a place of promise and joy, the voice of fear wells up within us, overpowering your strengthening presence.  We cling to you as we seek that voice resounding in our hearts and reflecting in our actions.  Remind us anew that this earthly reality is one that you faced in Christ Jesus.  From birth, to the cross, and through the resurrection from the dead you showed us that even death cannot stand in the way of your victory.  Help us to live in your victory, as we take care to protect others from disease, some of us risking our lives to do so.  Inspire us to extend a hand to those whose greatest burden may be one of affording daily bread, or paying tuition, or finding and keeping employment, or caring for someone very old or very young.  May your self-giving love be perfected within us, casting out all fear. May the coverings we wear never cover the radiant beauty of Jesus emanating from hearts filled with the grace and truth of your spirit.


Nothing Can Separate Us, Global Ministries 2020.