Heavenly Father,

We ask for strength and guidance during this time of the Covid-19 pandemic. As all of our lives have been touched, altered, and saddened by sickness and loss. Give us the assurance that YOU are ultimately in control and that you have our lives in the palm of your hand.

As we go about our daily lives of physical and social distancing, I pray that we are actually drawn closer in faith and love for each other.

For our healthcare workers, I ask for a special blessing as they put into action the skills and knowledge given to thme as they work dailiy to care for our loved ones.

In your holy name.


by Debbie Colvin

Radiant God, who continues to bring light as Covid-19 covers the planet, we thank you that you do not abandon us.  We are grateful for your rays of hope that we see in the face of those who speak and act with empathy.

We offer our prayers of comfort for those who suffer, our prayers of support for those who tend to the health of loved ones, our prayers of encouragement to those who agonize over loss of income, and prayers of solace to those who mourn.

Particularly in Ghana, we give thanks for your servant and president, Nana Akufo-Addo, who speaks with compassion and hope as he tends to the health of his nation.  We are grateful for the women and men who give of themselves not only to provide for the sick, but those who simply share words of comfort and pray each day.  We rejoice in the hospitality of the Ghanaian people who, even in this time of struggle, openly care for each brother and sister regardless of race or spiritual persuasion.

God of light, our faith is in you that you will again bring full illumination to Ghana and to the world.  We have hope that in this new light we will see more clearly and love more nearly.


by Larry Colvin