Refugee & Immigrant Ministries

This following story is given to us by the inspiration of Rev. Daniel U’Ren (Western Oaks Christian Church, OKC) and his servanthood along with that of Rev. Colton Lott (First Christian Church El Reno) and First Christian Church Norman member, Neil Johnson. We ask you to consider contributing to our Christmas in July Project.

Imagine a young couple with no place to go, adhering to a directive dictated by politics and necessity. Following a northern route, when they arrive there is no place for them to stay. They are placed in a refugee camp where their child is born. As they fled for their lives, wise ones following a heavenly star brought them gifts of food, shelter, and a way to safety, a place to be welcomed and loved. Those called “wise” have done so because they chose to do the right thing. To give a family a chance, to bring hope to their lives, and to this child. Born a refugee and escaping persecution, this child is given the opportunity to explore unknown potential. At Christmas we celebrate the Christ child who, too, was born in the lowliest of places, far from home, and his family would soon flee for their own safety. What better gift to give to Christ than to help a family such as this?

The Generosity of Three Oklahoma Disciples

A young refugee couple with an infant arrived in Fort Worth, TX and needed to check in with Oklahoma City ICE. They had no one to help them. Neil agreed to not only drive them to their appointment in OKC, but to drive to Fort Worth and pick them up, saving them from a very long bus ride with an infant in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic. Daniel and Colton without hesitation agreed to find them a place to stay and supply food. Through the generosity of three Oklahoma Disciples, and your generous donations to Refugee and Immigrant Ministries, this young family was cared for while awaiting another sponsor.

Many families, especially women and children, are released in winter without adequate outer wear and shoes, and often sent to states that are still experiencing cold temperatures. The couple had been released into the U.S. in summer clothing and Oklahoma was currently having a December snowstorm. The twenty-one-year-old mother only had a short skirt, stretch pants, a thin sweater given to her by the border organization, sandals, and a short sleeve blouse. The infant had one sleeper, one blanket, and no formula.

Christmas in July

Our Region is asking you to participate in the Christmas in July project. Your donations of online purchases will ensure warm coats and shoes to those being processed in our border organizations. Our goal is to obtain 300 articles of clothing and shoes by July 31. Contact Rev. Mary Heath, chair of the Refugee and Immigrant Ministries Commission, for more information to help clothe women and children in need! Cell 405-697-7829 or email

A Day for Mothers

By Rev. Mary Heath

In the place we now call America-
we have just celebrated “Mother’s Day.”
A day we remember and thank mothers,
for all the love and support they gave.

The birthday parties, the presents,
the clothes, allowance, dance class, activities,
gymnastics, athletics, clubs, organizations,
bedrooms filled with posters, furniture, and toys.

And what about the mothers who gave everything-
their own homes and life,
their own safety and dignity,
just in the hope they would give their children-
safety, health, education, and the possibility of a future.

Those who gave their children to a wall or a bridge,
or a river, or a system far away that might offer them a chance.
Those mothers who gave the most precious thing in their life,
for the opportunity of a new life in a place they could not reach.

How do we celebrate mothers-
who made the ultimate sacrifice,
out of love and hope for their children.