Before and After Moments

We all have had before and after moments, particularly after tragedies like the Oklahoma City bombing, church shootings or tragic accidents. And when we were close to people affected by these tragedies, nothing was the same in the “after”.

That’s how people who visited Caminante feel. You go to a homework room where 20 children, who have been denied education, are now being given a second chance. You sit beside little children and help them with their coloring. Afterwards, they give you a hug and say “Gracias amigos”. And later you realize, that a few of these children, without Caminante, would have fallen into sexual exploitation or sexual trafficking. Closeness changes you and changes how you see this mission.

Your group gave me a toothbrush and a tube of toothpaste.

More importantly, hope for a better future.
Thank you Oklahoma!

The Toothbrush and The Electrician

In my 2019 visit to Caminante, a young man sat down beside me at dinner. He said through a translator, “You probably don’t recognize me. I was 10 years old when your group gave me a toothbrush, a tube of toothpaste and more importantly hope for a better future. Because of Caminante, I completed my education. Now, eleven years later, I am an electrician at the large cement plant on this island.” (In the factory world, electricians are often the most skilled and highly paid workers and they have the utmost job security.) “I came here to shake your hand and say thank you Oklahoma. You gave me and my family a good future.” His story is why people, who saw how Caminante makes a difference, ask for your help.

Providing Education and More

COVID-19 continues to devastate jobs in the tourist business in the seaside town of Boca Chica where Caminante is located. In addition to education and social services, Caminante is now also providing food, medical and personal hygiene supplies to families they serve. COVID has made the work of Caminante more difficult, more expensive and more urgent.

We’ll Double Your Donation

People who have seen the before-and-after as a result of Caminante, have put up $5000 in matching money for contributions in 2021. As a result, the difference you make with your donation is doubled.

As an individual, will you donate to our ministry in Caminante?
Would your church like to donate to our ministry in Caminante?

Make your check payable to 
Christian Church in Oklahoma – Caminante

Send it to:
Christian Church in Oklahoma
301 N.W. 36th St.
Oklahoma City, OK 73118

Would you like to learn more? We are pleased to speak about Caminante at your Sunday School, in worship or at a Fellowship dinner.

Thank you for your continued generosity. Your generosity changes lives.

Rev. Don Johnson