What Is Regional Assembly?

Regional Assembly is the event where congregations in the Oklahoma Region gather to take care of the business of the church as well as share together in community. It occurs once every two years as defined in the Region’s constitution. This year, Regional Assembly is in Enid and combines this important event with our annual Leadership Training School.

Why Does It Matter to Me?

Because each and every church in the Oklahoma Region and furthermore, each and every member of those churches are vital towards the part of the Body of Christ that we represent here in Oklahoma.

As we as Disciples strive towards the global unity that God is calling God’s church to have, we relish these opportunities to embody that unity in our smaller geographies. The work that each of our churches are doing to better their immediate surroundings, their towns and cities, this great state in which we live, our country, and even the world is worth celebrating and sharing with the other churches in the region.

Come and make sure your voice is heard and that we are lifting up the great work your church is doing along with all of the other Disciples institutions in the Oklahoma Region!

What’s the Best Part?

The best part about this year’s Regional Assembly is that it will be a place for our churches to learn about and perhaps take ideas from all the amazing workshops. Plus our keynote speaker will offer a spirit-filled message sure to inspire ministries in your congregation.

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Regional Assembly + Leadership Training School will take place on April 24 – 25, 2020 at Central Christian Church – Enid. Click HERE to learn more and register.