You Have Been Present . . .

In the last month, Oklahoma has sustained a severe weather pattern with unprecedented rain and tornadoes. El Reno endured flooding one week and a devastating tornado the next. The following communities also sustained flooding:  Stillwater, Ponca City, Skiatook, Chandler, Miami, Muskogee, Langley, and the greater Tulsa area.

Thank you for your generous giving to Week of Compassion and the Oklahoma Disaster Fund, not just this spring season, but EVERY TIME YOU GIVE.

Every time you give, and there is a disaster in the world or in Oklahoma, you are there.  Week of Compassion and Oklahoma Disaster Fund have provided assistance to individuals and congregations and will continue to do so because of your generosity.

Please continue praying for the long term disaster clean up in communities, for first responders who have rescued people and animals, for the Red Cross and the Medical Reserve Corps folks who are working endless hours with people, for the sandbaggers, for those who are providing clean water and a place to stay above water, for farmers who have lost crops, for those who still wrestle with weather anxiety, and who are battling extra mosquitoes, ants, and snakes. Your prayers hold a special place and fill the space between fear and safety.

Let us be grateful for our Disciples pastors who are prepared to stand alongside all those affected and members who are reaching out to love their neighbors in the name of Jesus Christ.

Images taken a few days after the first rain in May – view from I-35 and Ponca City exit. (Photo credit: Regional Minister Pam Holt)