Do you have questions about the Coronavirus and the impact on faith communities? Are you wondering how your faith community should respond, or how to care for others while protecting yourself? How do you address the fears and anxieties associated with the virus?

The impact of this virus on our faith communities is very real and serious. Faith communities need the facts to make the best decisions possible to care for their congregations. As the chairperson of Oklahoma City-County Health Department’s Faith-based committee of the Wellness Now Coalition, I have brought together OKC-County Dept. of Health, Tulsa County Dept. of Health, the State Dept. Of Health and the American Heart Association to do a presentation for clergy and faith communities along with an opportunity for questions and answers.

You are invited to attend but must RSVP by contacting to receive the Zoom link for the live broadcast next Thursday, April 23 at 3pm.

Be sure to send your questions along with your RSVP. Click HERE to view the flyer.

Hope you can join us on Zoom for this important conversation,
Daniel U’Ren