On Monday, December 9, 2019, First Christian Church in El Reno hosted the Rev. Caroline Hamilton-Arnold, Associate Director of the Week of Compassion for Domestic Disaster Response. She came to help the church think through how to best coordinate their congregation, Disciples Volunteering, and the Week of Compassion to respond to the 2019 May flooding and the May 29, 2019 tornado.  Both events caused significant property damage (including to Disciples families) and loss of life for two in El Reno.

We currently need volunteer work teams (ideally between 5-10 folks!) who could work in the spring of 2020 and especially the summer of 2020 (for a few days or a week). We currently need funding for supplies and repairs volunteer teams cannot properly address. We currently need skilled laborers to give up a day or a week to teach others how to do home repairs.

We currently need prayer and continued awareness that all is not well for our friends and neighbors in Canadian county and across Oklahoma after the 2019 spring storms.

Can you help us fill a need?

Colton Lott,

Senior Minister
FCC El Reno
(405) 262-3539