“Beyond Coexistence” Series Explores Three Faith Traditions and Prayer

In an effort to understand the prayer traditions of Islam, Christianity and Judaism, local religious leaders will share their views of prayer in a series of messages this month at the Restoration Church at the Dome, 3700 N. Walker Ave. Oklahoma City.

Similarities can be acknowledged. Differences can be respected. And a big part of that journey is simply knowing. The “Beyond Coexistence” series looks at three faith traditions and their approach to prayer: Islam, Christianity, and Judaism.

Senior Imam Imad Enchassi, founder of the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City, was the guest speaker June 5. The Rev. John Malget, co-pastor at Restoration Church at the Dome, will be the speaker at 10:30 a.m. June 12. Rabbi Vered Harris, spiritual leader of Temple B’nai Israel, will be guest speaker at 10:30 a.m. June 19.

Church leaders said the purpose of the series is to move beyond coexistence in interfaith work and worship to an appreciation of the rich heritage that three of the world’s major faith communities share. It is believed that by sharing the differing but similar approaches to prayer by Muslims, Christians and Jews, a growing ecumenical spirit will be strengthened, they said.

For more information on the interfaith series contact: The Restoration Church at the Dome, (405) 525-6551, 3700 N. Walker Ave. Oklahoma City, OK or visit their Facebook page.

Clergy Discussion Group Sponsored by Western Oaks Christian Church

Clergy are invited to attend a new monthly Clergy Discussion Group, sponsored by Western Oaks Christian Church. This diverse group comes with no agenda but rather a time to gather to enjoy a meal together and converse with one another of various faith backgrounds.

When: Third Wednesday of every month, 12:00-1:00 pm.
Where: Temple B’nai Israel, 4901 N. Pennsylvania Ave., Oklahoma City
Lunch: Contact Western Oaks CC with lunch preferences (405) 789-8812


Oklahoma Gazette Article Features Historical Dome of Restoration Church

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