A few weeks ago, after Hurricane Harvey created its disaster on the coast of Texas, we asked for Oklahoma congregations to participate in creating desperately needed Church World Service Hygiene Kits and Clean Up Buckets. Look what you all have done!  You all have responded in an astounding way!

Since this request, Hurricane Irma made her mess in the Caribbean islands and Florida. Then, Hurricane Maria decimated Puerto Rico. All your work and your prayers will be delivered to unknown recipients who will receive these gifts with deep gratitude.

Rev. Pam Holt

Here are pictures of our congregations uniting to help.

FCC Edmond has been featured in The Edmond Sun for the bucket project. Read more HERE.

On Friday, September 29, 2017, Regional Minister Pam Holt met the volunteers from congregations who served as drop off locations at the OK Conference UMC Ministry Center in Oklahoma City to help unload the buckets and hygiene kits. These much needed supplies will assistant in hurricane relief efforts for U.S. citizens in the mainland and Puerto Rico.

UMC Volunteers are working directly with Church World Service to have the clean up buckets and kits picked up and distributed for hurricane relief.

Scott Rackets is shown delivering a truck load of buckets that Harvard Avenue Christian Church in Tulsa had collected.

FCC Duncan Volunteers.

Iglesia Christiana El Shaddai in Enid helped to pick up and transport the buckets from FCC Edmond to the UMC collection site in Oklahoma City.

FCC Perry CWS buckets

FCC Perry assembled 60 cleanup buckets surpassing their goal of 20.

FCC Woodward Buckets and Kits
FCC Woodward created hygiene kits and buckets.

A special thank you to the churches who participated as Drop Off Sites:

  • First Christian Church – Duncan
  • First Christian Church – Edmond
  • First Christian Church – Oklahoma City
  • Harvard Avenue Christian Church – Tulsa
  • Iglesia Christiana El Shaddai – Enid
  • OK Conference UMC Ministry Center