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She will bear a son, and they are to name him Emmanuel, which means “God is with us.”  Matt. 1:23

The Region is very excited to provide our congregations throughout the Region a free short video and free accompanying resources to celebrate the Christmas Special Offering and Season of Advent.

We contracted with the SALT Project (an Emmy Award winning production company owned by a Disciple of Christ) to make this possible for you all. While you will still receive the traditional bulletin inserts, this is something new and different to help us remember the story of the birth of Jesus and our mission and witness as the church.

The Region has paid for all rights for you to be able to use the video in worship and across all social medial platforms. The 5 coloring pages to accompany the video are downloadable for ease of printing on letter size paper. The devotion booklet is a bonus gift from the Region for this season of Advent! Also included are five 3’x4′ coloring posters. You may also download the Oklahoma Christmas Offering logo pictured above. Use what you want and all you want!

Thank you for your continued generous giving to the Region which has made this production possible.

The Regional Staff hopes and prays that each of you have a wonderful season of Advent preparing for the one who is soon to come, Emmanuel, “God-with-us”. And we always thank you for your mission and ministry to love and serve . . . just like Jesus!

Peace & God’s grace!

Regional Minister Pam Holt
Associate Regional Ministers Michael Davison and Leslie Dotson

Download Christmas Offering Logo


You may download our Oklahoma Christmas Offering logo to use in newsletters or worship slides. Click the version needed to download from these links.

Video Instructions

Click the button below to download the video to your desktop or laptop to (a) play in worship, and/or (b) to upload natively to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. (We highly recommend playing from your computer rather than streaming from a website.)

SIZE: 125.9 MB
TYPE: mp4
RATIO: 16:9
LENGTH: 01:02

Download the Video

Our Video Producers

We are grateful to the SALT Project for producing our wonderful video and coloring pages and posters. SALT Project is a boutique production powerhouse ready to create bite-sized social media content, commercials, visual mission statements, book trailers, and impression pieces for you and your organization. We love creating sharable, memorable film content that tells how you’re changing the world.

Download Booklet
Download Printing Instructions

Advent Booklet

Printing Instructions

Thank you for using SALT’s Advent Devotional Coloring Book. This downloadable devotional coloring book includes an editable page on which you can enter your church’s name, upcoming worship services, and special events before printing. The result will be a devotional resource that looks and feels like your own, organically integrating it into the life of your congregation.

HOW TO CUSTOMIZE THE EDITABLE PAGE: Page #14 is editable. Before printing, simply click on the text boxes on this page to add your church name, Advent and Christmas worship service times, and any other event details for your community.

1. Load 4 sheets of legal-sized paper in your printer.

2. Download file and open in your PDF reader of choice (Acrobat Reader, Preview, etc.)

3. Open Print Dialog Box

• Set paper size to US Legal
• Set paper orientation to Landscape
• IMPORTANT: Select “Actual Size” or “Scale at 100%” (i.e., NOT “Fit to Page”)

• Select double-sided printing and you should be set to print all pages at once.
• Print pages 1, 3, 5 and 7
• Reload the paper you just printed on, the same direction but flipped over so it will use the other sides
• Print pages 2, 4, 6 and 8

Assemble booklet by putting all four pages together, taking note of the order (pages are numbered). Fold in half.

If you have any questions, please email for help with printing and assembly!
Happy coloring!

Advent Coloring Poster & Coloring Pages

Advent is full of vivid, evocative images: stars falling, deserts blooming, and a young woman proclaiming God’s revolution of love through song. What better way to encounter and inhabit these images than through creativity and color!

As you well know, coloring pages are everywhere, and for good reason: for young and old alike, coloring can be expressive, meditative, stress-relieving, and just plain fun. And our posters’ large-scale size makes building intergenerational community a cinch. (The coloring pages and posters are exactly alike – just different sizes.)

A rainbow of options awaits:
• Imagine a coloring station for children inside the sanctuary during worship

• Imagine a Sunday School class gathering around a poster each week of the season, breathing color into hope, peace, joy, and love

• Imagine intergenerational Advent workshops where the posters are colored, discussed, and then displayed as milestones on the journey to the manger

• Imagine an elder care ministry using the posters in a nursing home, or connecting elders and children through crayons and creativity

Poster Printing Instructions

1. Email the digital poster files to your local printer (Staples and FedEx work great!).

2. Ask to have each poster printed Black and White on 4’x3’ “engineering print” paper.
PLEASE NOTE: It’s important to stress that you’d like to have it printed on “engineering print” paper and not as a banner (which is much more expensive). Printing all five posters should be less than $40 to print.

3. Pickup your posters when they are ready (usually 1-2 days)! How easy was that?

4. Unleash your community’s imagination and let it shine! And, be sure to send us pictures of your Advent masterpieces – no hiding under bushel baskets allowed!


Coloring Pages Printing Instructions

1. Simply load 8.5″ x 11″ (letter size) paper into your photocopier and print. There are 5 coloring pages to use for each Sunday in Advent.

If you have any questions, please email for help with printing!

Happy coloring!

Download God With Us Page
Download Hope Page
Download Joy Page
Download Love Page
Download Peace Page