The Faith in Action Commission of the Christian Church in Oklahoma announces the recipients of the 2022 Reconciliation Grants. These grants are supported by the contributions of Christian Churches (DOC) throughout Oklahoma who long for wholeness in our world. Recognizing that we live in a fragmented world, we work together through Reconciliation to bring harmony to the dissonance surrounding us. FIAC was pleased to see the expansion of programs bringing our churches together but also reaching out to ecumenical partners and growing programs to address systemic racism, discrimination, and poverty. 

In Enid Central Christian Church, Church of the Covenant, University Place Christian Church, and Iglesia Christiana El Shaddai joined together to provide an inclusive Vacation Bible School for children from varied backgrounds and cultures. They also provide a program to improve the relationship among all people served by the police and fire departments of the city. Lastly, working ecumenically they provide the Enid Welcome Table where all are invited to eat together and informally learn of other services that might be of help to them. Reconciliation grants provide funding for part of these programs as the communities of faith come together with other financial and in-kind donations and hours of direct hands-on service to bring wholeness to a fragmented world.

First Christian Church of Midwest City will use their Reconciliation grant, Christmas for Others working ecumenically with other faith-based groups reaching out to meet the needs of low-wealth people by providing hygiene kits, built according to age, sex, and where known, race. Gifts of toys such as dolls will be offered in different skin tones, and food baskets will be provided appropriate to a family’s culture.

Recognizing the power of music to deliver important messages, a grant is being awarded to First Christian Church, El Reno to help sponsor the premiere production of a one-act opera, No Justice, No Peace written by Oklahomans Chris Prather, Choir Director at First Christian in El Reno, Megan Prather, and Kenneth R. Woods. It deals with a family struggling to come to grips with the death of the mother and the life-changing results of police brutality. 

Education is a central part of Reconciliation. To that end, In the Spirit Christian Church of Tulsa, was awarded a grant to help support their Emerging Young Leaders Justice Cohort where the youth of the church learn about social justice and advocacy.

First Christian Church of Claremore received a grant to understand better the history of the USA’s indigenous people by touring and participating in the resources available at the First Americans Museum in Oklahoma City.

Yale Avenue Christian church was awarded a grant to provide a tutoring program for refugee children to help them adjust and thrive in school.

Finally, a grant was provided to Caminante, our Global Ministry partner, to help address racism issues that have grown from the masses of Haitians who fled to the Dominican Republic due to the various crisis in their homeland. 

Grant Recipients

First Christian Church Claremore
Project: First Americans Museum Learning Trip

First Christian Church El Reno
Project: No Justice, No Peace

Central Christian Church, University Place Christian Church, Iglesia Christiana El Shaddai, and Christian Church of the Covenant
Project: Enid Disciples Joint VBS

First Christian Church Midwest City
Project: Christmas for Others

In the Spirit Christian Church Tulsa
Project: Emerging Young Leaders Justice Cohort

Yale Ave. Christian Church Tulsa
Project: Tutoring Program for Refugee Children

Comm on Faith in Action
Project: Caminante