Don’t delay! Now is the time to apply for 2020 ODF Grants. The deadline for submitting 2020 Grant Applications is 5:00 p.m., February 15, 2020.
A downloadable grant application, guidelines and scoring rubric can be found on our website by clicking the 2020 ODF Grants.

Over the years, several permanent endowments have been established by donors or through closed church memorial funds with specific, varied purposes to provide ongoing funding to the Foundation’s grant program. The endowments support Disciples’ ministries and missions for children, youth and young adults as well as provide for the education of clergy, laity and congregations on the guidance and art of spiritual giving.

Endowments also provide funding to benefit ministries for seniors, church innovation, missions, pastoral support and ecumenical spiritual education for students. View the endowment summaries at the link above. A breakout of funding per grant category will be posted online in late January 2020.

The Foundation holds many worthwhile endowments benefiting the church, the Region and its missions and ministries, including funds for grants. Click this link: “Together We Touch Lives” if you would like to make an honorary or memorial donation to one of these funds.

Eric Gray, CAP®
Executive Director