Are you planning a season of stewardship? Do you need resources to help you?

The Oklahoma Disciples Foundation just hosted a webinar with The Center for Faith & Giving with Rev. Bruce Barkhauer. Rev. Barkhauer provided wonderful information and words of encouragement reminding us that even in the midst of a pandemic, stewardship is still valuable and a faithful act of discipleship. He has also prepared a document called “Essentials” to help us think theologically about the way forward when we don’t know exactly what to prepare for. Regardless of the circumstances, he says, our faith practices may look different, but they are still vital to loving and serving like Jesus. This certainly includes stewardship.

On your behalf, the Region invested in the 2020 Faithful, Hopeful, Loving Annual stewardship campaign materials and resources from the Center for Faith & Giving. Every minister serving a local congregation in Oklahoma now has access to these wonderful resources. Please use these resources as your church plans and encourages continued stewardship.


If you have trouble accessing any of this information, please contact the Regional office or you may contact Rev. Bruce Barkhauer directly at 317-635-3100 or The Center for Faith and Giving.

May God’s blessing of abundance and joy continue to be upon you and your congregation.

Peace & God’s Grace,